In person or online, IMPACT creates 360° learning that is as educational as it is fun, featuring invaluable career insight, access to world-class executives, a tailored project with a high-level executive mentor, and interactive entertainment elements.
Each of our students receives a personalized experience in a supportive, family environment that accelerates personal and professional growth. Hear, in their own words, what the IMPACT experience has meant to them.
MacKinzee O’NealGrand Canyon University
I loved my experience. I feel that I took away so much from this program. I learned so much about myself and what it is that I want to do. I have been stressing myself out about my career and IMPACT has really opened my eyes to so many different things and all the possibilities there are within the sports and entertainment industry.
Bailey WebsterUniversity of Texas at Austin MBA
The program helped me think me strategically about the business side of sports & how to more effectively deliver my value to companies transitioning from another industry.
Thalia WattersArizona Christian University
I really enjoyed the four weeks of learning the ins and outs of the sports and entertainment industry. It made me realize how competitive working in this industry is and how important it is to separate yourself! Overall, my experience at IMPACT was nothing less than wonderful.
Sara SchumacherGrand Canyon University
I knew this was a special program from when I had my initial intake interview, but I did not understand just how amazing this program and experience was going to be. I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone wanting to work in sports, music and entertainment. I feel so much better set up to communicate and work with professionals already in the industry. The people we met and had the opportunity to have conversations with does not happen to the everyday student. By investing in ourselves, those speakers see that and can be a great foot in the door within an industry where it benefits from knowing someone.
Ranen ChangUCLA
My overall experience was one that was very eye opening, both in revealing my strengths and also my weaknesses. There are areas in my life that need work, and IMPACT has given me clarity about what those areas are. But it also has given me the opportunity to exercise my strengths and to continue to build upon them. I believe IMPACT gives a very accurate portrait of what really matters in these careers and sheds clarity on what students should prioritize to be successful.
Noah SuittNorthwestern University MSA
I would especially recommend IMPACT for those who are going into sports & entertainment. I think it’s a great way to meet new faces and to improve their value proposition. Also, it would help those who don’t know exactly what they want to do because this program reveals several different career paths that they may have never heard of before.
Júlia AraújoUniversidade de Salvador
It was an incredible experience. It completely changed my view on the industry and made me more confident. It got me motivated and excited for the future.
Noah PhilpottSonoma State University
I had a few preconceived ideas and expectations, but I was completely mind blown by what was thrown my way. From the high caliber guest speakers, to our experiential learning projects being paired with trained professionals to better our knowledge and practices within the industry. I was skeptical going into the program, but my expectations were completely exceeded. I learned so much as well as talked to so many professionals.
Farzad-Elhaam KohzadSeton Hall University MBA
My experience with IMPACT was way more than I could have ever expected and my expectations were definitely met. I was excited to be selected to the program and knew the type of people I would be exposed to but had no idea just how meaningful the experience was going to be. Right off the bat after the first day I knew it was a special program with the investment and energy put forth by everyone to bring together such awesome speakers in a very organized and entertaining format. It’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Brian RobinsSeton Hall University
The opportunities presented through IMPACT are truly invaluable and appreciated. These last 5 weeks have been amazing and I am honored to be part of the IMPACT family! I’m looking forward to taking these teachings and experiences into my career to continue to grow!
Walter TchougoueUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst MBA
The IMPACT experience is very hands on. The experiential learning project allows you to work on a real world scenario and gain extensive experience that will follow you throughout your career.
Ben KatzAmerican University
I wanted to thank you all for this wonderful program along with opening up some connections. I feel like a changed man that has many more tools to succeed in the real world as a result! Some of these wonderful speakers that came have changed the way I live my life in a good way. I am honored to be part of the IMPACT family!
Jose NavaArizona State University
My overall experience with IMPACT Learning Institute was amazing. I was able to make great connections and friends. I liked everything about the program. Amazing guest speakers and some very interesting projects that my group and classmates worked on.
Annabelle KubinskiGrand Canyon University
IMPACT was a positive experience that packed so much professional development into a short time frame. You get a lot in a small amount of time!
Samantha SugaArizona State University
I overall loved the experience and learned more than I ever could have imagined. I wish it hadn’t ended!
Isaac DubofskyIndiana University
IMPACT was invaluable to my professional career. Through the program, I was able to intern at Wasserman, one of the top sports agencies in the world, and gain real world sports business experience. I was able to make great connections through the program and internship, leading to follow up opportunities after the summer like assisting Wasserman at NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago this year. IMPACT not only gave me a leg up and a foot in the door, but it also helped me to become a professional in the business workplace as well. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience and would recommend IMPACT to anyone serious about jump starting their career.
Sabrina SocquetPepperdine University
What a time to be alive! As a senior at Pepperdine I was gearing up for my last few weeks of college, ready for the exciting transition from student to “real adult” when COVID shut everything down. My classes transitioned to online learning. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to most of my friends and the plans I had for my professional career screeched to a halt. That’s when Felisa, Lexie, Nathan, and their IMPACT program swooped in and saved me. This last summer I had the most amazing experience. Felisa and her team have introduced me to so many high level experts in the sports and entertainment world and taught me so much about the business. Their knowledge and insight has helped mold my thinking and strengthen my abilities as a rookie in the workforce. This opportunity has opened so many doors and avenues for me and I’m extremely excited to continue to work with them to become the best worker, fan, and person that I can be! Thank you, IMPACT!!!
Nehemiah AllenFresno Pacific University MBA
Hi Felisa, I know it’s been awhile but I have a good life update! As of today, I’ve accepted a position with the Los Angeles Clippers for their Sales team! I’ll be doing inside sales and I also wanted to send you this to thank you. I am forever indebted to you for not only pushing me to be better but to be more confident, vocal and to express myself to the best of my abilities.
Caroline AltmanGoucher College
I just wanted to give an exciting update. I was offered the position of post-graduate intern for championship event marketing with the NCAA! This summer was such a huge reason I got this opportunity so thank you for everything!
Brandon AsheUniversity of Cincinnati MSA
IMPACT exceeded my expectations by far. This program helps you understand your “why” in the Sports & Entertainment Industry. With no hesitation, I’d recommend IMPACT to any professional willing to invest in their future.

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